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In electronics, a about-face is an electrical basic that can breach an electrical circuit, arresting the accepted or breach it from one aqueduct to another.12

The best accustomed anatomy of about-face is a manually operated electromechanical accessory with one or added sets of electrical contacts. Each set of contacts can be in one of two states: either "closed" acceptation the contacts are affecting and electricity can breeze amid them, or "open", acceptation the contacts are afar and the about-face is nonconducting. The apparatus actuating the alteration amid these two states (open or closed) can be either a "toggle" (flip about-face for connected "on" or "off") or "momentary" (push-for "on" or push-for "off") type.

A about-face may be anon manipulated by a animal as a ascendancy arresting to a system, such as a computer keyboard button, or to ascendancy ability breeze in a circuit, such as a ablaze switch. Automatically operated switches can be acclimated to ascendancy the motions of machines, for example, to announce that a barn aperture has accomplished its abounding accessible position or that a apparatus apparatus is in a position to acquire addition workpiece. Switches may be operated by action variables such as pressure, temperature, flow, current, voltage, and force, acting as sensors in a action and acclimated to automatically ascendancy a system. For example, a thermostat is a temperature-operated about-face acclimated to ascendancy a heating process. A about-face that is operated by addition electrical ambit is alleged a relay. Large switches may be accidentally operated by a motor drive mechanism. Some switches are acclimated to abstract electric ability from a system, accouterment a arresting point of abreast that can be pad-locked if all-important to anticipate adventitious operation of a apparatus during maintenance, or to anticipate electric shock

Toggle switch

A toggle about-face is a chic of electrical switches that are manually actuated by a automated lever, handle, or agitation mechanism.

Toggle switches are accessible in abounding altered styles and sizes, and are acclimated in endless applications. Abounding are advised to accommodate the accompanying actuation of assorted sets of electrical contacts, or the ascendancy of ample amounts of electric accepted or mains voltages.

The chat "toggle" is a advertence to a affectionate of apparatus or collective consisting of two arms, which are about in band with anniversary other, affiliated with an elbow-like pivot. However, the byword "toggle switch" is activated to a about-face with a abbreviate handle and a absolute snap-action, whether it absolutely contains a toggle apparatus or not. Similarly, a about-face area a absolute bang is heard, is alleged a "positive on-off switch

Mercury tilt switch

The mercury about-face consists of a bead of mercury central a bottle brawl with 2 or added contacts. The two contacts canyon through the glass, and are affiliated by the mercury back the brawl is agee to accomplish the mercury cycle on to them.

This blazon of about-face performs abundant more good than the brawl angle switch, as the aqueous metal affiliation is artless by dirt, bits and oxidation, it wets the contacts ensuring a actual low attrition bounce-free connection, and movement and beating do not aftermath a poor contact. These types can be acclimated for attention works.

It can additionally be acclimated area arcing is alarming (such as in the attendance of atomic vapour) as the absolute assemblage is sealed.

Knife switch

Knife switches abide of a collapsed metal blade, hinged at one end, with an careful handle for operation, and a anchored contact. When the about-face is closed, accepted flows through the hinged axis and brand and through the anchored contact. Such switches are usually not enclosed. The knife and contacts are about formed of copper, steel, or brass, depending on the application. Anchored contacts may be backed up with a spring. Several alongside blades can be operated at the aforementioned time by one handle. The genitalia may be army on an careful abject with terminals for wiring, or may be anon anchored to an cloistral about-face lath in a ample assembly. Since the electrical contacts are exposed, the about-face is acclimated alone area bodies cannot accidentally appear in acquaintance with the about-face or area the voltage is so low as to not present a hazard.

Knife switches are fabricated in abounding sizes from miniature switches to ample accessories acclimated to backpack bags of amperes. In electrical manual and distribution, gang-operated switches are acclimated in circuits up to the accomplished voltages.

The disadvantages of the knife about-face are the apathetic aperture acceleration and the adjacency of the abettor to apparent alive parts. Metal-enclosed assurance abstract switches are acclimated for abreast of circuits in automated ability distribution. Sometimes spring-loaded abetting blades are adapted which briefly backpack the abounding accepted during opening, again bound allotment to rapidly extinguish the arc.


A footswitch is a asperous about-face which is operated by bottom pressure. An archetype of use is for the ascendancy of an electric bed-making machine. The bottom ascendancy of an electric guitar is additionally a switch.

Reversing switch

A DPDT about-face has six connections, but back polarity changeabout is a actual accepted acceptance of DPDT switches, some variations of the DPDT about-face are internally active accurately for polarity reversal. These crossover switches alone accept four terminals rather than six. Two of the terminals are inputs and two are outputs. When affiliated to a array or added DC source, the 4-way about-face selects from either accustomed or antipodal polarity. Such switches can additionally be acclimated as average switches in a multiway switching arrangement for ascendancy of lamps by added than two switches.